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Morning Dave, I really love the video and how you explain the thought process! I will keep that in mind when I get to the point of putting my town back together. I really think the video is a great idea and thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us! I can't wait to see part 2!

Dave what is the thickness of the foam?

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Randy-Thank you kindly sir. I believe those particular sidewalks are no longer being made. He has another type without the brickwork.

ScoutingDad-I liked that one too and probably was overthinking it and changed it. I actually took a vote with 5 of my train friends and 3 of them liked that one too. Do you have the newer or older DD buildings?

Phil-Thank you and part 2 is coming soon.


@luvindemtrains  Dave I have 3 Downtown Deco buildings.  DD46 Trackside Tavern, DD48 Patterson Hardware and DD52 First Timer Bar (can't find this one in the still unpacked moving boxes). The latter is opened and I was looking into how to "glue" all the sides together, keep everything aligned and then finish. As with life, things got in the way and I have not been able to get to these buildings.

The reason I tend to prefer the curved streets is for the visual effect. Looking down a street scene and seeing the layout room wall in the distance tends to ruin the "effect" for me. Having the street turn makes the eye believe the street keeps going around the bend. I am going to have a real challenge with this on TPRR2 as I have narrow long spaces for buildings and scenery.

Andy-Absolutely and I have no problem with doing that...well maybe not, lol.

Mike-Thank you very much. I like looking at things that help, inspire, and educate me on here. I'm glad I can reciprocate. The foam is 1" thick.

ScoutingDad- Thanks for sharing what DD buildings you have. I was just curious. Those are some nice kits and if strategically placed will certainly add a certain character that are unique to those buildings. I agree with your statement about curved streets. It's all about illusions. We'll have to see if I stick to my plan. Keep us posted on your build as I'm sure, if  you get stuck, you'll get plenty of suggestions.

Thanks Guys!



Good question and I wish I could say that was the only thing I am worried about. To answer your question, YES! However I don't plan to ever move the diorama completely off of the layout unless I'm removing it for good. I will simply maneuver it around to work on it. Even with doing that, I will need to be careful. I have moved it off the layout once thus far, and realized afterwards I didn't really have to. This is all an experiment for me, so we'll see if it was worth it.


Excellent work Dave! The process and results speak for themselves. Instead of dry sanding, I have done wet sanding in the past with good results. It allows for finer control when sanding, and as a bonus, no dust. I’ve used a damp sponge and add water to the sponge when needed. Or you could even use your fingers.


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ScoutingDad-Glad you pulled something from my shenanigans. I have to ask what DD buildings did you end up getting from Cabin Fever?

Peter-Thank you! I'm really enjoying your engine facility build.

Steve-As the title of this thread says, "Never too late". Glad you stopped by and welcome aboard.


Dave - I could not pass these up even if for a kit bash.

Pawn Shop  - no number I can see

DD27 Pet shop / Massage Parlor

DD47 Tiki Time Tavern

DD56 Atomic Cafe

A Stoney Creek kit - Hodges Drug and Chemical

These should keep me busy for awhile.


Wet sanding is done by using a damp sponge like a small cell applicator type or even a regular kitchen sponge. Sponges with larger cells will be more aggressive. You can approach it two different ways; by slightly wetting the surface by sprinkling a few drops of water on it, or misting with a spray bottle, and then sand lightly with the sponge. Or you can dampen the sponge and wring it out a little and then sand. This technique has its place. You have finer control and no dust. It does create a slurry that you will need a container of clean water the rinse the sponge every now and again. Also, it will create softer edges, but on the other hand it does allow you to transition more gradually from one surface to another. And I have done wet sanding with joint compound around the house. It is also a little slower process, but that’s not a bad thing for our tasks in this hobby. It allows you to sand a little and evaluate more easily instead of having dust everywhere. Give it a try, I think you will come up with some great results.


ScoutingDad-sounds great and know they will will turn out very nice on your layout. I've been looking DD47 Tiki Time Tavern for over a year now, so that was a good find.

Andy-I appreciate the tip and I wish would've mentioned this before I started the project. It would've saved me a few sanding pads,lol. Oh well, I know for next time. To be clear are you speaking about the plaster or the joint compound? Will the technique work on both?


Good Day Modelers,

I just finished up another DD build for the new small town I'm working on. Again this was fun, but because the building is no longer in production, I always get worried about broken pieces. Anyways, here are few photos as well as the video of the build. The first photo shows the corrugated metal waiting to be installed on the roof of the stairwell. It also shows what I'm calling my signature decal, which is one of a superhero. I will put these on each of my DD buildings. What can I say, I grew up watching them and they made their mark. The last photo shows the lot the building will be placed least as of today.





Images (5)
  • Super hero decal on O Scale Skid Row
  • Corrugated metal on roof of O Scale Stairwell
  • Decals on O Scale Skid Row
  • Installing sign on O Scale Skid Row
  • Lonely Skid Row O Scale

Hello Guys and Gals,

Today I didn't get much done on the layout but felt compelled to post a memorial I can come back and look at from time to time. Today I lost my Elbee. He was a neighborhood rescue that kept coming back to the front of my home in 2019. We posted his information in our neighborhood facebook and group me but after 2 weeks he was situationally adopted. It wasn't too long after claiming him that we noticed he was having some issues and after a visit with the vet it was confirmed, Elbee had a heart murmur. At that point, my goal was to give  him a good home until it became too difficult to carry on. Well today, after a visit with the vet, we told him it was ok and he left.

A few have posted the loss of their pets and as long as we have them we know eventually we will lose them. Because I do not have any human children my dogs get the "royal" treatment but this part of the commitment never gets any easier.

I posted these photos earlier in the thread but here's how I want to remember him. I am putting together a memorial video for my Lil' Bit=LB=ELBEE and will share later.


Elbee 1

Elbee 2


Images (2)
  • Elbee 1
  • Elbee 2
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