I have noticed that there has been no mention of a Lionel on-site convention car?  I signed up for the convention but was unable to go.  Those who register should be able to purchase for the onsite price.  Also, no mention of a commemorative car for one of the tours/train trips.  Hopefully a chance to pick up the registration gift Trolley too.  

The LCCA annual cars are great and I support them all but the theme seems to have drifted from a proto fallen flags series.  The CNW Boxcar is pure fantasy. 

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Hi Mike,

There will be an onsite TANK Car. The convention boxcar will match the Tank car from previous Chicago convention.

Also some great die cast trucks.  No train ride car because there is no train ride this year.


Can't say the convention boxcar does much for me. A traditional car, OK, but the worst is that it's a fantasy paint job, as Mike noted, and to add insult to injury, it also has graphics that memorialize the UP takeover of the CNW. Ugh.


The LCCA 2018 Convention car

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I'm on the fence about the boxcar. The fantasy scheme doesn't bother me, but I wish they had left Uncle Pete's logo off. Nothing against the UP (a very successful railroad with a feel for its history, via the steam program), but I grew up with the C&NW, and commuted on it since my grandfather used to take me downtown on trains pulled by a 600-series Pacific steam locomotive, back in the 1950's. I miss seeing green and yellow everywhere. In any event, it looks to be a good convention. I live locally, so I'm not staying at the hotel.

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