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I received my 2019 LCCA Christmas Boxcar today and I have to admit I normally don’t buy holiday cars. But since my daughter and son in law had twin girls last October I want to start a unique collection for them.

The Car graphics are outstanding, better yet incredible. Crisp colors on each side. The kids looking at Santa, his sleigh and the reindeers are great. Not to mention the nice Merry Christmas logo with stars.

The topper is the roof, the graphics are simply fantastic. Santa in an engine, reindeer, etc. Reminds me of the stories my parents read me as a kid.

Looks like I need to buy a second car.

The pictures don’t do it justice.


Images (6)
  • 44C055C5-8814-44D6-8E11-6DBBFB3ECB85: 2019 LCCA Christmas Boxcar
  • E22EF828-6F82-424C-9B4D-4609C8CA1A1E: 2019 LCCA Boxcar
  • 8B1C766B-714F-495D-9EC3-EA19956C34B5: 2019 LCCA Boxcar
  • B78BD849-E9EA-449B-AD19-FCD66AD270C7: 2019 LCCA Boxcar
  • F52243A5-C83F-4FD6-9B69-08906EF334A8: 2019 LCCA Boxcar
  • DBCEE9C0-9949-4278-8C09-8C2C84FF0BF4: 2019 LCCA Boxcar
Original Post

My Christmas Car arrived on my back porch Tuesday. I decided it needs to be on display right away. I chose my PWC 736 should pose with the car6FE06F64-B78B-4A90-BC9E-7753267B0F63A5130E40-BC4B-4782-A4D7-DD5CDC89390C

This design looks very familiar, but also unique. 


The front ends of Lionel’s always look good. E6D5C425-C277-422F-857C-183B3F0AC920

This over the top view of the car is like my description of this car... “over the top.” 


Images (5)
  • 6FE06F64-B78B-4A90-BC9E-7753267B0F63
  • A5130E40-BC4B-4782-A4D7-DD5CDC89390C
  • BC0F75E0-948E-457F-8E64-7B032564A99F
  • 810B3A56-2A34-4FC4-A52C-E754A58CC269
  • E6D5C425-C277-422F-857C-183B3F0AC920


Planning to order the second one tonight when I get home - This is a good start for the twin girls. Glad I got one. As I said, I don't normally invest / purchase these but they gave me the reason and I am pleased with the car.

Going to purchase from Lionel a birthday car for each, just need to figure out what I want.

GG1GUYY posted:

Hi Ron,

I wish the club had the luxury of making the cars and charging members at a minimal price that Lionel could do at the time.  The club picked up the Christmas car program that ended when the Railroader club ended, and has been successful with it.  Sal Gambino, President elect LCCA

(I accidentally deleted my original post.)  Sal, I do not suggest that LCCA offer boxcars at the same price Lionel did 15-20 years ago, but that  LCCA target a price similar to the current "street prices" of Lionel's similar USA-made boxcars.  I see on a major Lionel retailer's website, that most of the USA-made cars range between $50-$61 in price.  For instance, how much more does the roof-top decoration add to the price of this LCCA car?


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Grampstrains posted:

The cars that LCCA sells helps keep the club's books in the black.  It's higher dues or pay a bit extra for a car.

Since most of the Christmas cars are sellouts, I guess most of us don't mind the price.


Without knowing the number of LCCA Christmas cars produced (maybe 200-300?) compares to the  number of LCCA members, we do not know if this pricing structure is acceptable to "most" LCCA members.  

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