Lionel/LCCA FasTrack Modular Railroad Layout Progress in Chesapeake VA Area.


Check out the progress that LCCA Member Russ Meier and the Kids Run Train Group is making with their Lionel/LCCA Modular Railroad layout.  This Lionel/LCCA  Fastrack module design is amazingly simple in operation and what see can be assembled by 1 or 2 people in about an hour or less.   Currently the layout measures 9 ft by 20 ft, but will be growing soon.  There is still more work to be done once, but we are being to see the light at the end of the tunnel!   Be on the lookout for future LCCA Special Events with this new layout.


Thank you Russ and volunteers of Kids Run Trains.   If you are in the Chesapeake VA area and want to get involved with this modular railroad activity please contact Russell Meir at:

Russell Meier

Kids Run Trains


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Work on the modular layout is still moving forward! The module sides have been stained and the wiring harnesses are being ready for installation!  The. Next step will be painting and installing the track.  Stay tuned for future updates.

Thank you Russ Meier and volunteers of Kids Run Trains.   If you are in the Chesapeake VA area and want to get involved with this modular railroad activity please contact Russell Meir at:

Al K. 




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WOW !!!


Yesterday I read the Lionel LCCA FasTrack Modular Layout Standard 2.0 and am seriously considering buying the LCCA kits to build a layout.


Do you build your own framing or use the LCCA frame kits ?  


Have you built any of the full-corner modules in addition to your reversible corner modules ?  


Do yo use any underlayment material under the FasTrack or fasten the FasTrack directly to the plywood ?   


Do you have a website with lots of photos of the scenic layout ?  


Thanks in advance for sharing !


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Unfortunately I cannot reply directly to your message CBQ_Bill, but we have full curves in the works.


I helped build this project with Pennsy Man in his garage doing the electrical.


We purchased one of the curves and one of the straight kits when they were being sold with the wood and just duplicated them in a wood shop. We struggled with the corners as every piece in the reversible corner kit was 1/16th of an inch too long. After assembly, it was almost a quarter inch out of spec.


Unfortunately you can no longer buy the "whole" kit from the Lionel store, just the core components (leg bracket, wiring, etc) that does not include any wood.


We chose the reversible curves for the sake of material savings and portability as at the time of initial start, we only had a single long-bed pickup. We do plan to include the full curves when time and resources permit.


The track is directly attached to the tabletop. We found insulation to be a horrible chore to install, expensive, and in the environments we were operating pointless. If you were making this for personal home use, do it. Otherwise, you're just "whistle'n dixie in a nor'easter".

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