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Recently, the LCCA had the opportunity to meet with LCCA Member Marty Fitzhenry and Dotty to experience his fabulous home layout.   Marty has a renown layout (featured in the national train magazines and in a prior issue of our club publication The Lion Roars) featuring an impressive catenary system. Thank you Marty and Dotty for your hospitality and sharing you home layout with our members.


LCCA members will have an opportunity to see this impressive layout in person if you sign up for the LCCA's July 19, 2015 Special Event.

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Thanks guys for your kind words.  Thank you Al for the cab ride.  Robert, it can all be accessed.  A lot of time and planning was put into that.  The layout will be 33 years old this July 2.


Like I have said many times, if you ever find yourself in my area, you are always welcome to visit and run trains.


I have had a few emails asking me about the Train America sign.  Yes, it is the real deal.  My good friend Mike Reagan gave it to me a few years ago in Ohio.  I had the guys who worked with Mike at Train America sign it for me.



Lionel Open House Ohio 2013 094

Lionel Open House Ohio 2013 108


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  • Lionel Open House  Ohio 2013 094
  • Lionel Open House  Ohio 2013 108
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What a beautiful thread, I had the privilege of seeing this fantastic layout in person. It is one of the most beautiful layout's I've ever seen, not to mention it's quite large.


We are so lucky to have Marty and Dotty in this great hobby with us, Thanks Al for this wonderful tour or Marty's layout. Like Marty said above, if you ever are in his area this is a layout that is a must see. Not only will you see a beautiful layout, you will enjoy Marty and Dotty's hospitality and get the chance to see Ralph the cat.




Originally Posted by rad400:

Al, Marty


Great Video.  Can you share what camera & power source you used to take the video.


rad 400

LCCA club volunteer videographer Ed Richter used a Go-pro camera to shoot this unique perspective of Marty's fabulous layout.  Thx again Marty and Dotty.   I invite people to contact Marty to schedule a  visit with Marty and Dotty this summer as part of the LCCA's 45th Annual Convention. This is too good of alway out not to see in person.


Al K.

Fantastic video of one of the greatest layouts in our hobby....AND... two of the most loved folks!!  Marty and Dotty are without a doubt two of the best friends we have in our hobby.  Thanks goes to the LCCA for doing this video and to Al for posting it....but most of all thanks to Marty and Dotty for being THE BEST!!



Well I have always wanted to go to New England, but have never made it there.  Now I see Marty and Dotty's layout is an even bigger attraction than I had even thought!


Our former pastor had a goal of visiting every major league stadium.  I guess a goal would be to put together a list of must see toy and hi rail layouts.  


Whats that you say?  There are several great layouts in the New England area!  All the better!  I have only been in 3 major league stadiums, but they were all within 5 miles of each other.  Forbes Field, Three Rivers Stadium, and PNC Park!  Of course it took me almost 40 years to pull that one off.  ;-)

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