I purchase one of the Legacy ESE 'Mercury" hudsons back when they were offered. There was some concern over the accuracy of the spoked rear driver, it bugged me too.

I was perusing the internet and ran across this photo posted on an older Niagara ESE thread by member PC5980.  The photo proof as well as the caption prove the rear driver is indeed a "spoked" driver.

I will now sleep much better tonite. 



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Agreed Pete. When these were released most felt the spoked driver may have been a mistake. As opposed to the more commonly seen mix of scullins and boxpoks ,which Lionel offered on the pt tender versions.

I honestly thought Lionel may have had some error in manufacturing and substituted the spoked drivers. Even the catalog image showed boxpoks for this model.

Apparently Lionel has also seen this photograph. It took me nearly two years to find it myself.

" No matter how far we travel, the memories will follow in the baggage car."

The spoked driver may be correct (drivers got changed out; the Mercury "ESE" didn't always have them), but the colors of Lionel's loco are incorrect for this service - see the prototype photo. Gray and black.

The loco with the #3 spoked drivers was not "silver" anywhere except the stainless fluted piece under the running board, which was left after easier firebox access was established.

The Lionel loco should be gray and black all over (except the remnant stainless) at this point. So far as I know the spoked drivers were never on the loco during its later silver/black pre-gray/black days. The silver spokes look pretty silly, and I have never seen a photo of these drivers in silver. (Certainly I have not seen all photos.) 

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