Here are the sets, to which I had immediate access, down by my layoutin my basement(2 vintage, 1-well it was my first set ha). My dad also has some mpc era sets- Coca-Cola, Spirit of 76, and I think the Virginian. Besides the Virginian engine, those are in storage upstairs and I don’t feel like breaking those out.

The first set is from my grandfather, the 1479WS with all boxes present except the engine and the caboose. The other set is his Marx set, which you’ll notice is headed by a 8042- I believe he traded the original Marx engine for that engine back in the 70s but don’t know. The last set, well, it’s not “vintage” but it’s my first set from when I was 4 and besides the engine I’m not sure if we ever ran the cars(Love those industrial switchers though!)0E327AC9-B01B-4606-8245-18CDC8DA350D0A484217-25E0-4202-8C5B-4B53071D797E4D28549D-B308-414B-8B5D-4AA83024A4BAD45F0795-D170-491E-A166-992539D91503F7B86F79-033E-4E34-8054-CBAFF84DFC713E63963A-8A8A-425E-B265-BE9C51EC2EC3B3404A26-A888-427A-B1E9-12409C357E80


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First run Wittrock clockwork set from early post war Denmark

Nordespressen ... Copenhagen to Paris

Hand painted and lettered

Wittrock 1


Later "proper" Litho version ( also in my collection )

Wittrock litho

And Tender ...


Unfortunately I dont have the box lid for it , but it looks like this



Clockwork guys have a spring in their step!

Here's an interesting set that I didn't even know existed until it showed up in a collection of mostly Lionel tinplate stuff that I'm handling for our model railroad club (NSMRC).  IT's American Flyer HO.  Although I converted to HO in 1949, I was unaware of AF HO.  

After some research, I found this exact set in the AF catalog for 1938.  It is set "HO 100 4 Car Freight Train".  The locomotive has an AC motor with spur gears, later replaced by a permag motor with worm/gear drive.

I believe this was the first set that AF made with two-rail track.




Photos (2)

This set is 1928-30 vintage standard gauge Outfit No. 352E.  It's a passenger train with all original boxes.  The 10E has a Bild-a-Loco motor.  My uncle was the original owner.  In 1950, I has switched to HO model raIroading and lost interest in my extensive Lionel O gauge.  My uncle wanted trains that he could add to for my much younger cousins, so I swapped him my O gauge for the standard gauge set.  

This train was a Christmas feature in the Laughlin household for 40 years, now with 70 feet of track making a loop through three rooms..DSCF0279DSCF0281DSCF0284DSCF0276DSCF0278


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OldO27collector posted:

Here is my recently acquired Lionel 646 with its 6 axel Pennsylvania tender and a consist of pennsy boxcars that span from the 50’s to now. Also have the 2037 Adriatic.

The 646 is also one of my favorite Postwar steamers. I think the 646 and the 736 are the perfect size for a classic Postwar tubular track layout. Great combination of heft and power while still very agile navigating through sharp 031 curves. They are also probably good handling 027 curves.

In my little world, I leave this troubled world behind.

To do the first two sets I have 1/2 in each of the first two pics. then in the third pic the top three sets are actual early postwar sets also. There is two extra cars in each of the first two sets. the top one didn't come with the 6464-475 or the 6844 missile carrier. The second set didn't have the B&O Automobile boxcar 6468 or the NH boxcar 6464-425

IMG_4640IMG_4641 [2)



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cpowell posted:

Here are my two sets that I took over from my brothers. The 2234W Santa Fe was purchased at Christmas 1954. My grandparents, my parents and my brothers contributed towards the purchase. (I was only 3!) I still have all of the boxes including the outer box with the $89.50 store sticker. Clearly, I don't run it anymore.

I did not know the 2020 engine and our freight cars were from a set. I was in a train store and saw the 1415WS on a shelf. The owner informed it was a set from 1946. It is on the bottom of the next picture. I would like to get a catalog photo of it. Still have most of the boxes. I do not know how we acquired all of the other pieces on the top row.



Here are some photos of the 1946 catalog pages that include the 1415WS set.  The catalog shows an unpainted aluminum 3459, but most of the actual cars were black.  The one eBay sold listing of an aluminum was $170.  The merchandise car is shown in tuscan in the catalog, but most of the cars were silver.  The tuscan car is rare.  So the set that you have is what a buyer would have usually received.IMG_2491[1]IMG_2493[1]IMG_2494[1]


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Bill DeBrooke posted:

The Lionel set should be 1952.  The Marx set, I have no idea.IMG_5260.1IMG_5262.1

With the exception that my 671 had 'RR' under the number, that is the same set that I carried home in my lap in 1952 from Joske's in San Antonio.

...and to further make this a scene out of the 'Twilight Zone', I have that same Marx Set sitting in my office.

This Red Comet is my favorite of Lionel trains currently passing through my workshop.  It was headed by the short-lived 264E (1935-36 only) painted red pulling a set of the ubiquitous 603 Pullmans and 604 observation.

My Red Comet will be running on the O-27 test loop at the 3/01/2020 NETCA meet.  If I keep to my restoration plans, it will be run with new red paint at the 5/03/2020 meet.  Then it will be available for the best offer.IMG_2498IMG_2499IMG_2500


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My favorite trains set of those that I am keeping is this 352E, first cataloged in 1930.  This was my uncle's  train set.  Around 1949 going into 7th grade, I was transitioning from playing with Lionel trains to scale model railroading in HO.  My uncle had this standard gauge set from his youth and wanted to have some trains for his kids for which he could buy more cars, etc.  So I traded him my O gauge trains for this Standard gauge passenger train.   It has worked as a Christmas display for my children and grandchildren in six houses and apartments for 50 years on loops as long as 70 ft.

Here's the view of the train that you can see entering my basement workshop.  In the foreground is the tinplate passenger car part of my 1946-49 collection - every tinplate passenger car that Lionel made in those years.

IMG_2495 - CopyIMG_2496 - CopyIMG_2497

After removing the O gauge cars, we see the 10E in its current home with a train of 332, 449 and 341 passenger cars.  The 10E still runs well, after replacing a wheel that expanded a tenth of an inch due to zinc pest.


The freight cars above and the locomotives in the far background are more of my 1946-49 collection.

This set came in its original box and the individual boxes for cars and locomotive.  You can see that it has survived a flooded basement floor.



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An original 2151W set I purchased from the sister of its original owner along with all the add on components that were  acquired as the years went by.  I believe it spent a few decades in an attic and was all in surprisingly good shape other than a few expected repairs and a couple replacement parts.  All of the boxes are present except for those belonging to the floodlight tower and gateman.  Better yet, the set box and several add on component boxes still retain the price labels from long gone Detroit area department and hardware stores.

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