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Mack4B : That loco looks like a compressed air engine. Possibly from a explosive plant.

Sorta what I thought.

This region had a lot of plants and some that did make products to do with the manufacture of explosive type materials before and during WW II.

Collin "The Eastern Kentucky & Ohio R.R."

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D9A1BE05-F43F-450F-BEAD-5188418CBE2C16F44100-28BA-4C26-A56D-D7821F8F6AC0BAD898BB-2167-41E6-BE96-5FE65148C974F6F4BA5A-528B-4533-9843-1E116703073464F7925F-5B08-4FAA-B436-CB1DFC11A8228A3EFED6-285F-4E1D-96B7-0210A27A946ETheses are pictures of a long dead steam loco located in Gallipolis ,Ohio that I took about two years ago now .

No information on the little engine.


used to go thru Gallipolis all the time when my parents were in Kentucky. Where is this locomotive at?

Over towards the east end of town where you leave RT 7 as your going towards the bridges to crossover to Point Pleasant WV. 

I believe its the old B&O mainline and this engine and a passenger car on a trailer are located at the old depot.

Collin "The Eastern Kentucky & Ohio R.R."

Various photos from the Conway/North Conway area of NH.  Taking when we go up there to kayak or ski.


NHOct08 045NHOct08 065NHOct08 066NHOct08 070NHOct08 071P1020459P1020460P1030422P1030431P1030432

These were taking farther north in NH near Gorham.

NY-NH_2018 223NY-NH_2018 230

Lots of railroad history in NH.





Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!  Author Sherry Anderson


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While not a dead locomotive how about a wrecked train:



About a mile from Kisky Junction c. 1954.



Operator of the Plywood Empire Route in the Beautiful Berkshires

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