hopefully dave or someone at lionel or someone who knows this new tech can answer this question

can all the features of lionchief plus 2.0 be accessed with a unversal remote such as railroad sounds and RPM control

in other words can i put the RPM on the roof and wake the dead and have some sort of CB ground operation going on with just a universal remote or do i really have to buy the full legacy system to get the full effect of everything because as cool as the legacy remote looks and as much as i would want one at the end of the day a legacy system is over kill for me

my goal is to own one or two 2.0 engines would i want more than 2 ? absolutely but those 2 engines might be the last 2 i purchase unless there comes this holy grale of an engine that my railroad has to have i know in the past i have wanted have a 500 square foot layout with 200 engines or what ever but i had to take a step back and say hmm this doesn't seem logical or realistic and quite honestly i don't know what could come in the future for me anyway like.

quite honestly i could go for one of those 2.0 engines as my main freight hauler and have my hotwheels geep as back up or switching power with some used freight stock and be good and a string of passenger cars for my office special


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The remote will only offer lionichief features from what i have read, speed, volume control, electro-couplers, announcements and the like. Maybe the Bluetooth app with provide more. Legacy would be over kill given all you would need is TMCC going by the catalog.



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The Universal Remote will only offer what allin stated above.

The APP does give more options - you can adjust the individual volume levels, you'll be able to change the whistle/horn and bell pitch levels, there's a smoke on/off option, momentum control. 

For most functionality though, you will need some sort of TMCC controller, whether it's the Legacy 990, the Cab-1L, or the Cab-1. Using the 990, the LC2.0 engines have to be programmed as TMCC engines; they will not run if they are programmed as Legacy. The Aux1 button will allow to cycle through the whistle/horn and bell pitch levels. 

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