It's been a number of years and probably at least a half dozen times this question has been asked, but I'll ask again.

I am in need of at least four Lionel 129 terrace lamp posts. If anyone has some for sale, old or repro, or modern take offs, I'd appreciate a chance to buy them. Color is not important. I can paint them if need be. 

This is likely the third one I've owned, and still haven't learned that the lamps are a continual pain to either find (which is likely impossible) or repair. But time has passed, so I figured I'd ask again.

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MI don’t know the actual makeup of the lamp posts,; i.e., all metal construction, and hollow for wiring, and a bulb??  There were some older threads, discussing your similar dilemma.  Not knowing the construction, is it possible to make a 3D casting, with brass tubing thru the column?  Just throwing out a idea, as finding replacements is slim to none.

Chuck Sartor posted:

Maybe get a hold of Midge at MTH and have her ask Ryan if they still have any available, you never know.......

I believe one of the other guys made them. T-Repo or Pride Lines. MTH never made a terrace.

You could try a finial from a household lamp until you find them.

I have a 129B terrace and 116 station for sale with issues for $375 plus freight. Cream color.

Jim C


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