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I have the Lionel UP LC+2.0 ET44AC #2645 which looks the same as the LCCA UP ET44AC and that is listed on the Lionel site as having a O31 min curve.  I use mine on O36 and O48, O36 looks and works great with little to no overhang so I would assume on O31 you will have some overhang. 

BTW love my ET44AC, great engine that pulls great and smokes fantastic. I use mine in TMCC mode but I have used the lionel app and universal remote to run it and both work great too, but then again my layout is only 12 x 5.

Thanks for your reply. Primarily what I'm worried about is de-railing. I think to be safe, I'll have to pass on this beauty. I have other ET44AC's that are advertised with 031 minimum curve, and love them. My table is 5 x 8. Interesting that your width is the same, yet you're running 036. Hmmmmm. I'm thinking of new track/layout??

Thanks again

Here is my track plan, the outer loop is Fastrack O48 and the inner loop on the right is Fastrack O36.  The elevated loop is Gargraves O42 and then the inner loop on the left is O27 Lionel tube track.

Table As Is O48 w Siding, Alt bump out and Upper GG 042 Expand O27

Just saw your YouTube channel. Very nice videos and layout. I'm on O31 so I love the LC+  and LC+ 2.0 engines and have many MTH Railking models which are my favorites. Thanks for sharing.


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