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@RJ I posted:

Maybe this will be the year that Lionel makes the scale Strasburg products they have been teasing for a few years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Agreed, having missed out on the 3rd Rail Sunset Mollie of a few years back which is rarely available in the used marketplace I need an authentic and detailed engine worthy of pulling the great Premiere MTH woodside passenger cars that I have in various paint schemes.

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Saw a quick (and somewhat fuzzy) YouTube overview of the catalogue this morning.  Unless ones into freight cars, the Canadian pickings appeared to have been limited to a standard CP diesel (so a little disappointed, but will be pleasantly surprised if I missed something).  Guess I'm just waiting on volume 2 now...

Didn't notice that they did it this time, but I would have thought they would have used that magnetic "sub road names out on the tender" plate idea more extensively this time. Thought it was a pretty swell idea with lots of potential....

The O scale PS-1 40' boxcar with 8' and 6' doors need to be produced in Vietnam for the railroads:

Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern

MNS 1200 series with a 6' Superior door

Lake Superior & Ishpeming

LS&I 2224 with a 6' Youngstown door

Standard O scale gondola for

Lake Superior & Ishpeming 

LS&I 6708 on the site

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