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Wonder how many reservations Lionel could get for a McKeen car?  MTH had no luck. Very disappointing.  Maybe somebody could post a short description and history of the McKeen to drum up more interest now, maybe a seminar at York? I suspect 3rd Rail might be the only hope, if they had any interest AND their minimum could be met.  Don't guess a McKeen graces a beer can,?

Dan 986:

Thanks for posting the Potosi Beer carton photos.  I had lunch at the Potosi Brewery 6 years ago on my way to the Burlington Route Historical Society meet in St Paul MN.

The depot on the Gandy Dancer packaging is the CB&Q depot.  They shipped their beer on the Q.  

The museum at the Brewey has a nice exhibit with a Q reefer with crates of Potosi Beer.

Potosi WI is located on the Mississippi River & along the Q's Twin Cities line where "Nature Smiles for 300 Miles" (now BNSF).  Beautiful scenery !!

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Do you know where we could find the Lionel Ale in Stores?


It was a limited run made by a local brewery - Cabarrus Brewing I believe.   Lionel can't sell the beer as they don't have the appropriate liquor license to do so.   They brought some to the OGR 50th birthday party we had at the club.  Word then was they were looking to do a deal with a local brewery to make and distribute but that was before the pandemic hit.


Hmmmm ..l, too, had lunch at the Potosi brewery on a trip back from photoing Great Western sugar beet towers and "dinkies" (sugar plant tank engines) in NE Colorado.  I detoured there hoping the museum had some obscure beer car info.  I didn't find anything, and  my friend didn't like the beer she had there.  Did not see the railroad .  Is Q station standing?  If so, sorry l missed.

No, the Q's depot is long gone.

There are still Q depots at Dubuque IA (part of the Mississippi River Museum) and in WI at Prairie Du Chien & Pippin.  La Crosse has CB&Q 4-6-4 Hudson #4000 (formerly streamlined Aeolus) on display along with a CMStP&P caboose & Grand Crossing Tower.

Potosi WI is quite a long detour from NE Colorado !!!

Did you railfan during the whole trip ?

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CBQ Bill....l had made trips years ago to SW Wisconsin to visit Little Norway and House on the Rock, so thought l was familiar with area.  I was coming back east from Silverton/Durango and detoured up l-76, lined with beet towers and dinkies, to l-80, to Des Moines, to see Living History Museum, then north on l-35 to l-90, east to exit to Baraboo, circus museum, and nearby MidContinent RR Museum, with a Q sidedoor caboose, since bashed from a kit, then slo-o-ow two lane roads to and from Potosi through (over) Dubuque, not into, and back into Ill. and finally! hit the Interstate again at  Rockford.  I passed up a lot of scenic and historical sites.  I don't remember it being a long drive until l hit the Wisc./Ill. 2-lanes. 

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