Introduced at the LCCA Convention by LIONEL and a Nice Medallion.

Crisp golden and refreshing. This beer is the ALE version of an American Pilsner using a classic noble hops.

Made in North Carolina to be sold locally. A 16oz can.



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Conductor Earl posted:

So, which one will come first, the billboard refer or the novelty beer can tank car?  

Just to expand your good ideas on potential rolling stock, how about a RTR LC+2 Lionel "Beer Train," I would definitely be a buyer.

enjoy your trains...


I simply cut the end flap off a Lionel freight car box, wrap it around my favorite brewski and tape it, and enjoy a refreshing home-made Lionel Ale whenever I get thirsty!  




2 Rails?  3 Rails?  Doesn't matter, I can't count that high in either case.

I love the smell of fresh-brewed creosote first thing in the morning.

If the government knew how much fun O-gauge railroading was, they'd outlaw it!

Common sense is my second best trait.  Nonsense is my first, of course. 

Wonder how many reservations Lionel could get for a McKeen car?  MTH had no luck. Very disappointing.  Maybe somebody could post a short description and history of the McKeen to drum up more interest now, maybe a seminar at York? I suspect 3rd Rail might be the only hope, if they had any interest AND their minimum could be met.  Don't guess a McKeen graces a beer can,?

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

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