Anyone use one or more of these and/or have experience with them?  Are the a better choice than the 6-5906 that Lionel included with engines at one time?  Will it slow down the engines when bell or whistle activated? Any other information/comments on this product will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Make one yourself.  This shouldn't slow things down as it puts the diodes in the circuit all the time and removes some to cause the DC offset.


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Nope, he's another guy that has dropped out of sight.  You're right, haven't seen any posts from him for a long time.

WOW, longer than I thought!  Last Visit: 12/26/166:03 PM  He hasn't been here for over two years!

Thanks for that John. I figured you might have spotted him elsewhere at some point; I think you manage to get around more than I do. Hopefull he is just enjoying that game room to it's fullest. 

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Dale H had a stroke a coupe of years ago, as I recall he posted that here on the forum. I think he posted a couple of times after that and has been silent since. I also emailed him a while back to see how he was doing and got no reply. This doesn't sound good. Too many good folks are leaving us around here. Although I prefer command control, I always enjoyed Dale's use of relays and conventional methods of controlling his trains. 

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