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I'm posting this for a fellow TMB train club member Frank Incatalupo, who recently purchased a set of Lionel 21"passenger cars. Frank took the liberty of detailing the kitchen car with a kitchen set purchased from Plastruct and the porter's were  created from his extra peep's. Enjoy.  Would love to see if anyone else has detailed a kitchen car, please share





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Great work. Never thought of Plastruct for actual kitchen units as opposed to scratch building materials; see below.

Fridge56Vet posted:

That looks amazing!  IIRC someone posted a thread on here with their detailed kitchen on their Polar Express diner a year or two ago.  I don't have time to search for the thread now, though. 

I think this is the thread you mean with a detailed account of Volphin's dining car rebuild:

Further back, there was this remarkable kitchen car super-detailing effort by Dreyfuss Hudson based on a GGD model, which is a bit of a head start over Lionel in the detail stakes:

My effort is not a kitchen car but the kitchen of a Lionel 21" aluminum diner, the Texas Special "Sam Houston" model, which is still a work in progress:


This is certainly not perfectly scale accurate (apart from the turkey!) but was planned on the basis of the standard Pullman-built diner kitchens of the time, including the huge range and grill unit, sinks and counter opposite and pantry on the side (adjoining the diner seating compartment) with everything in stainless steel:


I took a leaf out of other people's books and added lighting effects in the kitchen and the dining compartment; the "fire" under the grill flickers and can just be seen in the first and last photos. Here is the car as whole in a long view and the bottom photo is of the light show powered up:




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prrhorseshoecurve posted:

Wow! Did you"home made"the fire flicker or use a commercial product? Are you using separate circuitry for the "table lamps" and the stove "fire flicker"? Inquiring minds want to know Hancock52!

Well, since you inquire so nicely here's the story:

1. It's far beyond my wit to put together the circuitry for the light effects. The flickering fire is a combination of Evan Designs and Ngineering LEDs and effects boards. The table lamps are separately powered through an Ngineering LED module which actually passes the current to some 15 LEDs, including various lights at either end of the dining compartment. Superb products, these boards; I swear by what these two suppliers provide.

2.  And speaking of things superb, the power for the dining compartment lights comes from an AC-DC conversion module supplied by our very own Gunrunner John. This has adjustable output voltage and is far more compact and generally user-friendly than the module I originally sourced for this purpose on fleabay. GRJ's module is just visible on the far left of the next to last photo. Another (and even smaller) module he designed will convert AC track power for the kitchen lights.

3. The flicker effect is still too subtle for my liking and so I may add in another couple of bigger LEDs in the grill section of the big range unit but over the grill instead of under. 

This is still an incomplete project not least because there is another operating feature to add but I'm not hinting at this stage what it is! (Especially in case it proves impractical.)


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