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As you can see the drive shaft connected to the gearing that provides up/down motion spins loose so the plastic gear doesn't move. Any suggestions on repairing it here at home would be appreciated,  I really don't want to take it apart since the connecting thread is involved.


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Lionel used to have the gears. They are nylon, shrink with time and crack. I drilled a hole in the gear all the way through and used a piece of music wire to keep it from spinning but it would catch on every revolution where the teeth had spread apart. No glue will hold nylon together. Best replace the gear. BTW its not as complicated as the TMCC wrecker crane. Not a big deal to reinstall the thread.


John, I had gotten in touch with the Train Tender before the spring York meet and he said he would not be at the Sping meet but would be at the Fall meet. My MI Jack needs repair (I think I might have mentioned it to you one time at Hennings). Get a couple of gears and I will have you fix mine.



Lionelzwl2012 posted:

guys I would like  metal gears as well. does jeff have a websight? I am unable to go to york anytime soon thanks. 

btw if we install all metal gears in the intermodal crane can it then lift up heavier containers from other manufacturers?

You also have to deal with the Thread/string for a cable. That too can easily fail under a heavy load!

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