Lionel prewar 1917-1925 O gauge cars to complete a set(s) not for resale

Tough to find in VG (C6) condition. Trying really hard to steer away from restoration projects on this but if anyone has the following - or all- please let me know. To complement #152-#153 series locos: four wheel, single spring chassis, simple hook couplers.

#801 caboose - Wabash 4890

#800 box car PRR 6399

#802 Cattle

#803 Coal/hopper

#804 Oil/tanker

#901 Lakeshore gondola

Thanks much,


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Good Morning John,

I too am a fan of the early 150 series of electric locomotives so over the years I have bought cars at various times and now have 2 that I don't really need.  I have the green 802 Union Stock Lines cattle car that is on your list in, in what I think, very good  original condition for it age that I will sell to you  for $30.00.  Also, though not on your list, I have a 630 observation car you might someday want to go with a 152 loco/ passenger consist.  It is dark green and in good to very good original condition for its age.  I will sell it for $14.00 or you can have both for $40,00.  Shipping would be actual from my zip, 03086, to your zip, 17565, $7.90.

Pictures attached, let me know.

Have a great week,  Jim Lawson


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I have them all, but the #800 is part of a set I don't want to break up. So here is what I have;

#801, nice condition, really nice paint. and lettering Some shelf dust
#802 UP Cattle car, once again really nice paint and lettering. Some we are around edge of roof on one side.
#803 Hopper, nice and clean, clear lettering which is harder for this model being the early gold lettering.
#901 Lakeshore Gondola, nice and clean, clear lettering. 
#804 Terra cotta Tank car. A little chippy, but paint is nice, and brass dome is clean and shiny. A hard car to find in this condition.

$50 each + shipping. Or if you want them all $220 + shipping.




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O Gauge Jim posted:

Hey Tim,

I really like the Blue Comet set I purchased from you.  If your inventory of early tinplate include a couple of 629 passenger cars in dark green and you want to sell them, let me know.

Jim Lawson

Hi Jim,

Glas to hear you're enjoying the blue Comet.

Yes, i have some of those early green passenger cars. I have them as sets, 629, 629, 630. If you're interested in an entire set I'll get them out and make photos Thursday or Friday. Just let me know if you want the entire set, or if you're only interested in the 629's, I'll need to check to see if I have any singles.


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