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A friend of mine received a starter set from Lionel, bought at Menards. It is a PRR 0-8-0 steam engine with a few PRR cars, fast track and a mini transformer.

He brought the engine over for me to see, but we could not get the engine to smoke! I did check the switch underneath the engine and it was "on". Is there anything else we should look for, or is it time to return the set, or send the engine in for repairs? Thank you.





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If you have an Ohm meter, and know how to use it, you could open the engine up and place the meter across the smoke element.  It should read about 18 ohms if it is good..If I recall correctly.  You could also look to make sure the plug for the smoke is fully seated in the board, and that no wires are broken.  On the smoke one wire, probably red, will run from the plug to the smoke unit.  the other, probably blue will run from the plug to the smoke switch, then from the switch to the smoke unit.  

If opening it up isn't your cup of tea, I'd probably return it to the store.  


Also, once the smoke feature is activated, it may take up to 2 minutes to get the smoke running.  My first engine wouldn't smoke when I turned the smoke on.  After a few days, I left the smoke on by accident and went to make a sandwich.  When I came back, it was smoking!  I guess it takes a couple of minutes to warm up the heating element.

Blow on it? I thought that was for Nintendo game cartridges? Lol Backing off on fluid a bit might help too. Total saturation can cool an element quite a bit. If its a cooler element to start with, that means a longer warm up or even failure to smoke for a few days. I have three steamers that require either a fluid with a fast evaporation rate, or careful top offs to perform.

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