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I posted this elsewhere and might have got buried, I  apologise to those that read all posts - I have a DCS Commander so I hooked that up, the locomotive is found and starts up, however it won't run. I just have it from DC Track power output to my track and put in DCS command mode but the loco won't move. I did try a couple of different locomotives and switching the cable around. So I'm wondering if it is in fact the TIU or something else? If I hook the track directly to the z-4000 it will run locomotives fine. I did search the site last night and read thru the forums for some help but couldn't find this particular problem and the DCS manual is pretty limited. The software on all my equipment is at least one year old, possibly more like 18months and I was reading they did a software upgrade to address this type of issue?  

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What  transformer are you using?  Specifics are missing in the post.  What is the engine cat. #?

Where are you connected to on the Commander?  Variable? fixed?

Did you push ADD to add the engine to the DCS Commander?  Sounds like an address conflict.

Are you able to do a feature reset?


Is it possible all locomotives would be in neutral? I have five or six locos and none will run. Is there some setting on the Commander that will cause this? I see it can be tricky (from searching posts) to do a reset. I vaguely remember years ago having the same issue. I don't see how this would affect all locos though? I previously operated all locos with the handheld remote before my TIU stopped working, is there something on the handheld that would have affected all units?  

Tried to mess with it again tonite but now it won't recognize any locomotive on the track so I can't even do a start up. I put a different loco on the track and now the commander doesn't see that or the one prior. Last night I at least got that far. I give up for now. 

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