Recently purchased all 6 sets of Lionel's America Freedom Train cars:

6-83111 - American Freedom Train 21" Passenger Car 4-Pack (Exhibit Cars 101, 102, 103; Power Car 111 with generator sounds)

6-83116 - American Freedom Train 21" Passenger Car 2-Pack (Exhibit cars 104 & 105)

6-83119 - American Freedom Train 21" StationSounds Exhibit Car (Sleeper Car 201)

6-83589 - American Freedom Train 2-Pack #1 (Exhibit Cars 106 & 107)

6-83592 - American Freedom Train 2-Pack #2 (Exhibit Cars 108 & 109)

6-84226 - American Freedom Train Add-On 2-Pack #4 (Exhibit Cars 100 & 110)

According to Lionel's website, all cars are 21" long and the minimum circle is O-54.

Some of the boxes came with no diaphragms, some with only 1, and some with 2 (one for each end?).

Anyone else purchase these cars and can tell me how many should have been placed in each box? I'm thinking at least one for each end of each car in the box.

I've looked on Lionel's support site and parts for these are not listed. There are parts listed for older passenger cars. Some are listed in the 6-390XX series; some in the 6-219XX series. Are any of these diaphragms compatible with the AFT cars?  None of them are 21" or recommended circle of O-54.

I am going to contact Lionel and see if they can send me some, but looking for alternates in case Lionel won't send them.


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you can buy the diaphragms from lionel.  But the diaphragm and the hole door/vestibule surface of the car comes attached.   its an easy swap.   

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jeremy ferrell posted:

here’s a pic hard to explain.  please excuse the dust.   

Looks like Lionel made a decision that some cars have no doors on either end; some have doors on one end; and some have doors on both ends (haven't had a chance to look at all the cars to verify this). And the number of diaphragms furnished doesn't seem to match whether a car has none, one, or two doors.

Looking at the AFT website, cars 100 thru 111 and 200 are supposed to be kept together as they are the display cars and require power from 111 and 200.

Attached is a pic of the end of one of the cars (# 201) . I think the end of all the cars are the same - except for whether there is a door or no door.

Also attached is a photo from the Lionel Support website of the diaphragms for one of their O-27 streamliner passenger cars (6-39054). Not sure if this will fit on the AFT cars.

Guess a call to Lionel is next in order. Hopefully I can get them to answer.



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