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Well I knew sooner than later my depleting coal load would suffer the fate of many where the rubber tab opens up rendering it in the up position all the time.  I just got it back out after a hiatus and had it running a while and notice the coal load was not depleting.  I turned down the sound and triggered the demo mode and could hear the motor running so I assumed the loop broke.

Now when @Alex M did his repair he had an excellent thread with a picture tutorial and some pretty good instructions so I immediately book marked it.  Well the day came when I needed to fix mine and his thread made all the difference.  I followed the procedure and other than it was tough to get the loop back through the eyelet all went smooth.  The only thing I would add to Alex's wonderful thread is before you start make sure the coal sequence is in the fully loaded position to give you as much of the nylon thread as you can get.

On a side not what an amazing piece to work on.  This was a well thought out piece minus the poor loop on the rubber coal load.  I can't thank Alex enough for the time he takes to show us some of these repairs.  It certainly saved a trip to an outside source.  We are all very lucky that Alex calls OGR home!

tender 3


Broken Loop

tender 2


Nylon Thread with eyelet.

tender 1



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Incidentally while fixing the coal load, I noticed the rollers on the tender where rather tight and were not rolling freely.  When running it earlier I noticed it would have power drop out at a switch.  I removed the rollers, cleaned, and adjusted the roller mount and got them to roll freely.  This made a vast improvement on the power issue.  So as a reminder when servicing, the rollers maybe one of the most important items to check.

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