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A Memorial Membership has been made to honor Marty by:

  • Marty Eibeck (MartyE)
  • Don Klose  (dk122trains)
  • John Xenides (Captain John)
  • Gerry Morlitz (GMORLITZ)
  • Rich Melvin
  • Louis Niederlander (Lou N)
  • Phil Gelston (Bug Boy)
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There is not much more I could add to whats been said.  Marty was a true gentleman and always one of the first to ask..."what is the product number" when someone was having a problem.

I was fortunate enough to visit Marty's layout many years ago while working in the area.  While I didn't get to sign the wall ( not sure if that was a thing yet) I always remember him being a great host.  More importantly I remember Marty giving his time to the forum for all of us that needed help.  I still have a few emails from Marty that I have saved.  It was a no brainer to support the forum in his name after all the years of support he gave to all of us!

I knew Marty a very short time compared to most of you here. We met at York in 2016, and when I told him I come to the Boston area frequently to visit family, he immediately said, "Why haven't you come to visit me? Come by any time." So, I did, and would stop by about every 4 or 5 months during my trips to Boston. After a few visits to Marty's house, I caught the command control bug, and he was a big help when I decided to add it to my railroad. Here we are after Marty converted my MTH Blue Comet to DCS/PS3. Since he liked to collect signatures, I turned the tables on him and asked him to sign the tender.

It was only a few years that I knew him, but I miss him and will treasure the times I was able to visit his home.





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It is a sad day but I think about him whenever I run my trains & remember all the stories he has passed on over the years.We all learned so much from him.

Ted, what do you think he would have to say about the Jets & Patriots game tomorrow?


He will be calling me around 4pm for his $100 bet he will win. Just have to send it to Dottie now!

Regards, Ted

I can't believe it's been a year either just seems like yesterday i saw him walking around TCA York and talking to all his friends and me ! every where he went someone would say hi Marty how you been and what have you been up to . always someone asking him about a train problem and how to test it or repair it! He sure had a lot of Knowledge from all his years of experience! The most common comment about trouble shooting a engine problem was get you to use your VOM out and do continuity checks so you don't burn up boards! Always better to find the shorts or pinched wires before you damage your boards! I think of Him everyday of my life! he is and was a very special person that would help anybody with anything! HOPE YOUR ENJOYING YOUR TRAIN LAYOUT IN HEAVEN! Marty Fitzhenry


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I've never met Marty, I only got to know him to the extent possible through reading his first layout article in OGR and on this forum over the almost two decades the forum's been in existence (I think he joined about 2 years after I joined).  At any rate, what I saw was a man who was obviously passionate about the hobby, but also a very humorous and generous man.  I saw his already considerable layout and repair skills evolve over the course of years to where I think he became one of the top command control conversion gurus that has ever graced this forum.  The fact that he always invited people regardless of their "status" in the hobby to see and operate on his layout underlies his generosity and spirit of camaraderie I think speaks volumes about him as a human being.  I'll certainly miss his contributions to the forum and the hobby, and give my sincere condolences to his family.

As life goes on we experiences changes and give up or lose things we hold dear. I'm moving out of Massachusetts and have to give up something Marty left to me when he passed, something he held near and dear. His TRAINS license plate.  I still have many momentos and memories of Marty to hold me through the rest of my  life. I will miss it, but will find an interested trainiac in Massachusetts to pass the plate on to. 396


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