Maryland Working class Townhouse.

Always loved the Severna Park's Fells Point layout in HO scale and thought it would make a wonderful bedroom railroad for a space challenged O scaler who loved scenery and a tight curve industrial layout.  

Just think, a B&O C16 class  docksider and a few favorite 40' cars would be stunning and a lot of fun.     

Oh, and for those so interested the B&O Railroad Historical Society's The Sentinel had a great article in Volume 30 # 1 (First Quarter 2008) about the B&O in Baltimore.   A lot of RR in a little space.

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The proportions of the buildings are great.  The height, relatively flat roof line, and those copper downspouts work well together.  I, too, like that passageway.  I could see your townhouses fiting in well in another area city, say, Harrisburg, PA for a PRR layout.

Tomlinson Run Railroad

Very nice work, Philly had many houses like those, my grandmother had one with the tunnel going to the back yard, I always thought it to be used for taking the trash in and out of the back yard, However I found out they also used it for taking the horses in and out before cars were the way to travel.

I know where I have been, I know where I am at, I am hopeful I know where I am going.(The devil and God are talking it over).

AG posted:

Thank you guys, for the nice comments.

For PA  townhouse, I will make them with box windows.



Many such rowhomes in the railroad city of Reading PA along with most every city and small 'burb in The Keystone State.

For more ornate masonry it's a trip to Ambler PA.    The owners of the town's asbestos industry, Keasby and Mattison, brought many hundreds of Italian immigrants who were experienced masons to build workers homes as well as their own Lindenwold Castle. 

Rob M. ARHS # 3846 PRRT&HS # 8141 EPTC "Life Is Like A Mountain Railway, With An Engineer That's Brave..."

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