Merry Christmas to all!

Currently working on a larger video to share with you all soon, but in the meantime I'd like to show some of my photos, featuring perhaps the most Christmassy steam locomotive in operation today.

Simmering in Owosso, Pere Marquette no. 1225 awaits departure on the very first North Pole Express run this season.


This shows well how dirty the Steam Railroading Institute lets her get. It definitely provides an experience like no other, though if it were my choice she would be sparkling clean.


Now departing Owosso, the 1225 crawls across Main Street, past the old Robbin's Furniture Warehouse. This makes for one of the most timeless scenes on the line.


For many, this is the money shot of the entire trip. Pere Marquette no. 1225 gallops through the small town of Carland in perhaps the most famous scene she goes through every year.

Two weeks after my visit, this was the site of a near-miss incident between the locomotive and a pedestrian who was standing much too close to the tracks. While this person escaped with only a torn jacket, it serves as a haunting reminder as to why rail safety is so important. Remember to stay a safe distance from the tracks when you're along the railroad, and to remind those you see that are too close to stay back!

Happy Holidays!


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