This Marx stuff showed up on facebook well after midnight last night. Threw an offer

at him that he refused. Sent another this morning and he accepted. Except for the 

Santa Fe caboose everything is excellent, looks hardly run. Not something I have ever

collected so I really can't tell real from repop as far as the loads go. Info would be helpful.IMG_20191212_122901IMG_20191212_122909IMG_20191212_122916IMG_20191212_122923IMG_20191212_122939


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Nice haul!


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Original loads will have the Marx logo on them; repops won't.  The loads could be original, but I can't tell from the pics.

In any case, it's junk, just Marx, so you should get rid of it.  I'll be happy to take it off your hands and relieve you of the burden   

Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO

Many thanks to my fellow forum member for offering to relieve me

of the burden of having to deal with these junque trains. I guess I will

persevere and suffer in silence tho. It is made easier knowing what I paid

for them.  The one vehicle I have looked at so far does have a 

Marx logo

Little update on my Christmas present. Dusted everything with a paint brush, Could

not find a single nick anywhere. Wheels were pretty stuck on the loco, little shot of magic juice. Runs, lights, smokes, reverses.

Really bad short video attached. BTW, all of the vehicles have MARX trademarks.


A couple of pics and a clear video added, I hope.IMG_20191214_145119IMG_20191214_145132


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Well, if you are SURE you have to suffer under that burden, I applaud your dedication!

Seriously, great set!  I found a nice military set recently, too (can't post pics till after Christmas Day), but yours is even better.  The other set and the accessories are a bonus!  Congrats on a great find!

(And remember:  I'm here to help if the burden gets to be too much.)

Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO

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