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Running a bit late this week with the Midweek thread, but here we go.  DSC_1194

It was October 21, 2018 when Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA made a 38 mile run to Cresco, PA.  The F3 "Lackawanna" units ran this time, stopping at the 1888 train station.


I was not the only one taking photos that day.  It was a very photogenic day, even though the Summer and Fall rain kept the leaves very green. 


The Barrett Township Historical Society manages the train station.  The Weiler Brush Company, located nearby, is a huge benefactor of the group. Where the cars are parked is where a road once crossed the tracks.  


In 1950, the Pennsylvania highway department improved Route 191 by having it cross over the tracks of the Lackawanna Railroad.  Now down to a single track, The bridge crossing the rails offers this vantage point. 


Back in Scranton again.  There was a 10 mile per hour speed limit on the line for the Moscow-Scranton stretch, so we arrived kind of late in the day.  The long shadows added an eerie effect to the train.  


Sometimes the darker side of the track lends itself to a good photo, too.  That is my offering for the week.   Where has the railroad led you lately?  If you find your photos to be "share-worthy," please post them here. You know we want to see them.



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I only shot a few RR photos last week, and some of those were on 4x5 film.  Haven't got those back yet.  I did get a couple of the DAIR (unofficially the Dakota & Iowa RR) heading back home to Dell Rapids, SD one night.  First shot is from Baltic, SD along the Big Sioux River.  The train came early (~6 pm) and it was still a little light outside.  I cranked up the power on my flash to full and pushed shutter speed to 1/320s.  The shot came out decently, I think.  It will have to do until next year.  The overnight temps are getting down to about 10 degrees now and skim ice is forming on the river pool.  In the second photo the crew has cut the power off and is taking it back to the yard for the night.  


The pools are freezing over so I might not do any more reflection shots.  OTOH, it snowed today!  Snow creates new possibilities.


Kent in SD

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Notte e di vogliam passar!


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