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Progress has been a bit slow due to a bit of vacation in PR. Now back to work. 😁

Trackside walls finished. Supports placed for mezzanine floor.


Hello W.S  JOE

E  X  C  E  L  L  E N  T  !!!!!   Museum Quality work.  Architectural class construction, clean and sharp painting,  and detailing !  All girders are straight upright and crossbeams all level and spaced evenly.  As a trained draughtsman (aka "draftsman) as well as modeler and photographer,  I can truly appreciate the skill level of your work  Joe F

Hello W S   Joe

I HAVE been following your recent posts and photos, and enjoying them.  Especially the "subway station and mezzanine platform real estate" heh.  As usual, high quality and museum caliber looking modeling work.  With a great eye for attention to small details and proportional accuracy.    As best as permits and can be done in O Scale for realism.

Regards - Joe F

Illuminated subway advertising clock added. The ad says: "This train does NOT go to Hawaii but Transocean Airlines will fly you there for $169.10".


As usual, Joe -- looks great and super realistic.  You have the best looking O-Scale modeled NYC Subway subway station module I have seen yet!  Especially for details, sharpness, all your support columns and perfectly upright-straight and properly spaced,  and everything realistically proportioned to prototype.  And excellent painting.  The Clock & Ad sign BOX  is a major platform detail - I remember when they started putting them - first - in Manhattan stations in the early-mid 1960's.  Well, you have to soon start working on the next 20 stations of your "layout" !!! I have saved all your photos to a special folder on my computer

Joe F

White Rose Hobbies: When I finish the Times Square module I'd like to take it and the tunnel module to a train show.  If I am able to, I'll post the info here.

Fred: I would love to run the R-1 and the Lo-V on the layout. But right now I'm just focused on finishing this module as a showcase for the Lionel R-27. It would be super-cool if Lionel would issue those other models with opening doors. The doors are why I bought the R-27.

Update: 18 months after posting this, I broke down and bought the R-1. It really is a beautiful set.

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