MTH Caboose Shorting My Layout

So I went down to a train show today and bought an MTH Lehigh Valley Northeastern Caboose.  When I went to put it on my layout it shorted out the table the moment I turned the power on.  When I moved the car down the track it sparked all over the place.  (Attached is a video of this phenomenon.)  I feel like some wires are crossed or touching the truck frame and causing the short because the contact rollers felt hot after the shorts occurred.  (When I rolled it regardless of when the power was on, it felt as if something was rubbing in the trucks somewhere.)  

Any ideas as to what's causing this, what to do, or how I could fix it?




You can never have too many details on a layout!


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Start by removing trucks and checking the wires on the roller pickups. An insulator may be missing.

If there is a small circuit board inside the caboose it may have failed .

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Any time I've had a problem like that, I found the tab where the pickup wire on the truck is soldered is touching something.  You will have to move the pickup roller around to see if it touches anything when you have the car in your hand.  


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