MTH collector assy too short?

I bought a 30-7915 depressed center searchlight car at a train show over the weekend, and after a thorough cleaning, the searchlight still flickers a lot.


Eyeballing things while holding the car upside down in one hand and running a piece of straight track over the wheels with my other hand, it quickly became apparent that the center roller was not making good contact - I could even see an air gap between the roller and center rail at times. The roller has unrestricted freedom of movement and is fully seated in the full downward position when not on the track. But even just holding it in my hand and eyeballing things, it's pretty clear the roller is about even with the tread on the wheels - both trucks are the same.


So in general, is this truck with the little narrow diameter contact roller known for this issue? Or am I just overlooking something? 



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Spring is working properly on both trucks, both trucks show the same height issue... and it flickers a pretty good bit driving around on Fastrack.

On close examination I can see that the spring has pushed the roller assembly downward as far as it will go, it's just not quite far enough. 

Just to close the door on this one... despite my proclamation that the springs were pushing the roller assy's down as far as they would go, they were not. I couldn't see that they weren't, but after rearranging all wires (and there's 4 grouped together that are "involved" with one of the rollers) I found the flicker had gone away. Stiff wires got me again!

Thanks for the responses!


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