Hello everyone,

I just bought the MTH digital Wi-Fi, Legacy setup. I also ordered the MTH companion 2nd edition

Can someone please explain to me the difference between the 2nd edition and the 3rd Edition? 

I also have the first edition

Thank you very much, Jerry 



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It can be a bit confusing, but isn't the 3rd edition 'The DCS Companion' and not 'The DCS Wifi Companion'?  There are two different books, one covers DCS using the Remote and one covers DCS using Wifi. 

I updated both of my copies (DCS and Wifi) right after Barry passed away, I wasn't aware of a 3rd addition for DCS Wifi Companion?

Two different books covering two different methods of using the DCS system, one for DCS Remote, the other for Wifi & app.

1 - DCS Companion 3rd Edition, for using DCS with the Remote, latest edition - if you use the Remote get this one.

2 - DCS Wifi Companion 2nd Edition, for using DCS with Wifi, latest edition - if you use Wifi get this one. 

Note: the titles are different.  If you use Remote and Wifi Remote, get both.

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