I was running myMTH #20-2567-1  GN A-B-A set of FT GN diesels when all of a sudden the train stopped and there was quite a bit of wheel slippage and the train would not move. Apparently what happened is the trailing powered "A" unit changed direction abruptly and went into reverse. I could not get the units to work together. Took off the trailing "A" unit and the lead unit was able to operate in the regular fashion...forward-reverse, etc. Any ideas as to what happened to the other "A" unit?? I have never had this happen before. What's going to be the fix??

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Make sure the tethers are seated well between the three units. If the problem persists, try removing the B unit and connecting the two A units together, again checking the tether connection to make sure it is seated. 

are you running conventional or DCS?

make sure you have a good battery or BCR2 in the power unit too.


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Thanks for those tips. The battery has been charged and is working OK as far as I know. I am running in conventional mode. I will check tomorrow to see if the A units run OK by themselves. And will report back with my findings. But if it does work again, I'll add the B unit and see what happens as well. As far as I know the tethers were tight, as I had to struggle to pull the plug on the A unit in question, let alone uncouple it.

Slave board shorted.  It is repairable.  If you remove it, it can be tested and repaired.  I do the work.  E-mail in profile. G

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