MTH Premier Canadian Pacific Holiday Train Locomotives has shipped!

So the RK rolling stock arrived in November and the loco won’t arrive until January, and the Premier rolling stock won’t arrive until January but the loco is available now?

Don’t think they could have messed up a Christmas train any better than this.

Thanks MTH from all of us who ordered one version or the other for this Christmas.

Our sets shipped in via truck a few days ago and we have already started to ship them out to our preorder customers.  I’m hoping we will have a few sets available for those that missed out on the preorders, but not sure yet.

david1 posted:

How about the RK engines, I had the cars for Christmas but not the engine, nice. 

Any news about the RK version? I know, I know, January. 


MTH Bumped it to February or March. Talk about screwing this one up.....I know of at least one dealer refusing the order as it was the third or fourth Christmas in a row where major Christmas items are late. He told me he couldn't keep sitting on the inventory all year and is so sick of it showing up after said holiday hence refusing the order. 

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