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I have an older MTH Railking Challenger made in 1996 that does not run.  If I place it engine on track, the headlight comes, but that’s about it.  This engine will not come out of neutral when I cycle the throttle.   There is also no sound coming from tender speaker.

I suspect it’s an issue with the QSI reverse board.  Is there a component in these early QSI boards that typically fails?  Or would it be best to just replace the board, that is if I could even find one!0FE6DAE7-4868-4B7D-88EF-1B333923E46B


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Hi Nick ,

Just by looking at the picture your loco doesn't have ps-1 it has a QSI reverse unit with a whistle sound board, they had no battery,check the toggle switch on frame the board may be locked in neutral.  those old reverse boards are pretty tough  but can go bad

Several forum members can help get you a used one if needed

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