Well I finally got one. Found a train house that had these in stock still, and cheaper than the new 1,300. ones on ebay.

First question is the wireless drawbar that connects to tender. Mine will not fully seat like it does on the engine side. I dont want to put too much pressure on it. Shutoff once during first lap, but after putting on test track and seeing the issue, I put back on, and haven't any problems yet.

2. Switch on bottom of tender. I think it said coal / aux. Cant find what this is for, but I left it where it was at.

3. Off topic but track cleaning car. What is out there. Ive searched and seen some, but cant find them in stock.  During 1st lap, couldn't run engine slow as track needed a good cleaning.

After a few hours up and down a ladder round the house, track was clean and engine chugged along at a slow pace while I checked clearances. Only had to make a few track adjustments. Its a good, smooth running engine. Now I just wait for a good deal on a 5 car passenger set to make it complete.




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The coal/aux switch is for when you have the Auxiliary Water Tender (20-3762). Placing the COAL – AUX switch in the AUX position will allow the commands for firing the rear coupler on the Auxiliary Tender and not the Main Tender. Likewise, the backup light on the Auxiliary Tender will replace the operation of the backup light on the Main Tender.  You have a great looking engine there. I have the set plus the SP PA-1 and F-7 engines.

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