MTH SW-1500 battery replacement and now headlamp part search

I just bought my first relatively modern engine. It’s a MTH SW-1500 diesel. Given this was manufactured in the year 2000, I thought it would be a good idea to replace the original Ni-Cad battery. I have a replacement Ni-MH battery and have undone the screws per manual.

 SW-1500 battery removal

However it doesn’t seem possible to lift the battery out with the PC board installed above it. I can’t see how the get the board out of the way (assuming this is necessary). Does anyone know how it’s done?



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You might be able to lift from the rear and squeeze out.  Other wise you need to  loosen the 2 screws on the heatsink to allow the board to come up some for more room. Just be careful when you reassemble not to pinch any wires under heatsink, battery and shell when back on.  G

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Accessing the screws holding the heat sink was a big challenge but I was able to lift away the closest motor. This allowed access to the battery and the swap was easy.

However when carefully replacing the shell and making sure not to pinch any wires, I have broken the headlamp. I realise now the shell has to be ‘threaded’ on rather than pushed down on both ends at the same time.

The MTH web site says the headlamp part CA-0000041 is no longer available. CA-0000041 is actually a 6V bulb attached to 95mm leads with a blue plug on the end. Does anyone know a Service Center or dealer where I might be able to buy this part or a substitute? I’d really appreciate any help.

Any MTH 6V bulb harness will usually work, they're all pretty standard 3mm bulbs.  Of course, when I have the bulb out, I replace it with an LED, much brighter and more focused headlight. 

If you need an MTH light, send an email to my profile address and I can fix you up.

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