Went to the ER last Sunday with median chest tightness and it was necessary to have an additional cardiac artery stent placement and angioplasty. Unfortunately, there was a complication called a retro femoral bleed which resulted in hematomas with excruciating pain! It was necessary to have emergency vascular surgery in the groin area to seal the leak and it was successful. Being a hemodialysis patient did not make things any easier. Also had stubborn hiccups for hours due to hematomas pressing on the diaphragm or phrenic nerves. The hiccups also aggravated my heartburn issues causing additional swallowing problems. WHEW! Still recovering slowly in the hospital here in Nashville. Would not wish this on any enemy!

vita sine litteris mors est  (Seneca)

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Only the good die young Art !!! ... so by my reckoning you should outlast the pyramids

But seriously , sorry to hear this is happening to you and I hope you recover soon, until then enjoy the bedrest, cooked meals, and pretty nurses !

( if someone could smuggle you in a Pina Colada , its almost the same as a vacation in Cabo   )

Clockwork guys have a spring in their step!

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