I am trying to add the Weaver die cast roller bearing trucks to the Weaver 4 bay High side hopper. The 2-56 x 1" screws are too small altho they did work great on the 2&3 bay hoppers.

I am thinking I need a 2-56 x 1 1/4 " screw length to secure the die cast trucks to this car. Anny suggestion where to look? I don't see any on da Bay.

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Hot is correct.  Just got an order of 1 1/4" cap screws from them.  I am trying to imagine an O Scale hopper car that would require such long screws.  They would stick up halfway to the top rail on my hoppers - I do have a Weaver around here somewhere, and am going to guess 4-40 x 3/8.  

Well, as strange as the need sounds (awfully long screw for securing a truck on a Weaver car), I won't second guess your request.  So here's what I do when I need something of this sort...

Find a hobby shop (like ours!) that caters to the R/C crowd.  They sell threaded rod...2-56, 4-40, etc....in long lengths (typ. 12").

Cut a piece of the rod to the length you need.

Put a drop of thread-lock...or rubber cement...on the end you screw into the car.

Retain the truck with an appropriate nut/washer combo.  Add a drop of thread-lock or rubber cement to help prevent the nut from working off over time with the swing of the truck.

But, back to the Weaver trucks...  I don't have a pair of their RB die cast trucks on hand, but I do have several pairs of their Bettendorf trucks.  A number 29 drill bit just clears the truck bolster hole.  That's a bore of 0.136".  A clearance hole for a 4-40 screw requires only a bore of 0.120".   And that's the size screw I've always used on Weaver Bettendorf trucks, even if I have to increase the body bolster bore a tad...say, to a #43 drill bit (0.089").  As others have said, 2-56 seems really small for this situation.

4-40 screws are more readily available in longer lengths that 2-56 screws....especially in the cap style heads.  But, again, if need be, you can get long lengths of threaded 4-40 rod for the length you need, and use a nut/washer to retain.

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