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Hey Guys,

In taking apart my locomotive to fix an audio problem (the sound board was dislodged), I found that a part inside the engine compartment was broken. I went to the Lionel web site to look at the exploded parts diagram for the locomotive, and the part that is broken isn't even shown there - at least I can't make it out. I've attached a picture of the part - with a pencil pointing to it. There is a screw that screws into the top of this part - but that no longer engages the part as it is broken.

Can anyone tell me the part number I would need to order? Could I repair this with crazy glue or Bondic? Assuming that Lionel's web site shows the parts they can supply, since the part is not shown there, I won't be able to get it from them. Anyone else I could get it from? 


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It looks like the antenna standoff.  Unfortunately they're out of stock.

However, it's simply a piece of plastic rod with appropriately-sized holes drilled in each end.  Since you have the broken one can you fashion a new one to match it, approximately, out of rod stock (styrene, lucite, etc.)?

This might be more than you were hoping for ...



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