I've been waiting and following all the interesting posts on schemes for new runs of the 4750 cvd hoppers from Atlas and the new catalog's showing an airslide,flatcar,I believe a 3&6bay cylindrical hopper and wood boxcar or reefer not sure which. How long do we go with no new 4750 cvd hoppers? Oh I know, 'till Atlas decides to do repeat schemes or nothing at all.

Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised,but this is getting old. Many models can't be found anymore and in addition to new car runs for existing schemes,such as CSX,I want new schemes before I croak. Why does Atlas let many car schemes,such as the '80s Family Lines System 4750s,almost disappear before doing a model then wonder why sales are poor.(?) Sad situation.

Just my views for what they amount to of course,but where there's 1,there's a majority of 1.

Al Hummel 

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The cars you mention are being shipped out now from Atlas note the Jan 8 production schedule , the Jan 18 catalog pre orders are for the Mline PS 4427 covered hopper, CSX , BNSF, Conrail are the modern rd names and a Mline 50' plug door boxcar.

MR Muffin has posted larger images of the new run on the PS 4427 cars and it appears they will be the same beige paint the previous CSX  cars PS 4750s, cylindricals and Trinitys were done in ,only the Trinitys had the Yellow safety stripes. Interesting all of the CSX 4427s show up on Rail Pics site as Lt gray to an off color white and none with the trough hatches, the rd numbers shown are not correct. I suspect this is being offered as a popular rd name.  Safety stripes horizontally and vertically on the gray . IMO this would be a more prototypical model in the lt gray paint.


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Thank you for the pic's and info on the CSX 4427's.

I checked out Mr. muffin's website,but the cars still look grey to me. The car numbers,looked screwy to me as soon as I saw them,as I see these numbers mostly on 4600 CSX cvd hoppers,as well as the 254000 series.  This is a pretty bad blunder by Atlas. They usually do well on car series.

The "EASE UP HANDLE CAR WITH CARE" logo on the car ends as well as the reflector stripes would've been fine additions to dress up a Master Series hopper. Another mistake.

Atlas is beginning to sound like Intermountain in HO-they're businessmen NOT modelers. I don't know who I talked to at Atlas years back when I mentioned shelf couplers,but I was told,"I'm interested in products that make money,only" Not a great philosophy to follow.

Just my opinion of course.

As Always,

Al Hummel

I wish I lived near a 2 rail dealer. On second thought, maybe it's for the best that I don't! It became official. Everyone around me says I have too many trains. So I'm curbing my buying which matches up well with being broke. As long as AGHR Matt doesn't post a new 2 rail train layout, I should be safe.

 I really like the Atlas 2 rail O scale equipment that I have so far. I really liked their HO stuff. I wish they'd make some cars in one gauge too.

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

prrhorseshoecurve posted:

Funny, Yesterday At The Big Little RR shop, I picked up on Consignment the CNW Yellow 4427 for $26.00 and this item was NEVER out of the box! The Celophane tape was intact!  I am tempted at those Tuscan Conrails in this new run!

You buy plastic because you want to own it not for resale value, current prices are a good reminder of that.

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