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Grampstrains posted:

Isaly's is a chain in Pennsylvania, Ohio & W. Virginia.  An Ice cream store that also sells deli meats and sauces.  That have been around a long time.


Actually the original Isaly’s chain of dairy stores no longer exists having closed the last store sometime in the 1980’s.  The name is still around as there are several companies selling Isaly's branded products.  The dairy store in the Pittsburgh suburb of West View named “I.s.a.l.y.’s.” (if its still there) is decorated like an original Isaly’s store but has no official connection to the original Isaly’s company.  Note the use of periods in the name to avoid any legal issues.  


rogerpete posted:

I'm a longtime Isaly's collector, I was hoping MTH was coming out with a new car...


Based on the link you provided, this does indeed seem to be a new Railking Isaly’s Refrigerator car.  Too bad there’s no photo.  BTW, there are two different cars listed on the website as in addition to one in the link, #30-78207 with road number 586, there is also a #30-78208 with road number 589.

There appear to be several companies selling Isaly's branded products.  One of them is a company called Conroy Foods in Pittsburgh and their name is listed after the Isaly’s name on that linked page. 

More cars for yinz Pittsburghers!

Bill (a native yinzer in Florida)


Here are a couple of the Islays's Tin Plate Tanker Cars on the 1st level and I picked up the Islay's Tin Plate Sky Scraper Ice Cream Cone Box Car, from one of the OGR members a couple years back, I will try to find a picture of it.  The enamel colors on these Islay's cars are incredible.

The original Islay's Head Quarters building was sold to part of the Hospital here in Pittsburgh, my sister inlaw works in that building every day.  I keep telling her to bring me home some Ice Cream.


 The Lionel Islay's Tin Plate Skyscraper Box Car, I also have the Lionel O gauge Flat Car with Islay's Trailer Truck on it, purchased from Jim's Train Shop many years ago.



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