New Project-Carbondale junction. installing REA facility

Turtle 2, I know how that feels.

Bob, after the track is down, I use tan felt as a base, it looks just like dried grass and earth.  If it will be some time before you landscape, maybe some kind of brown tone paint rolled on to get some contrast and help visualize what your gonna do scenery wise.

Ron,   I think you are pretty close to achieving the grimy cinder ballast look.   I have been trying to get the same effect in my engine service facility...  the first 2 tries were epic failures....  3 rd time is definitely getting better,  I think I like yours better...   

I ended up putting down low loft batting , between the tracks over a layer of cork to bring up the ground level  Then i painted the batting with a heavy coat of dark brown latex flat paint, then spreading ballast that I had spray painted dark gray and black, as well as a lot of dark dirt, plus scenic cinders, and a little black beauty sand blasting media...  ended up sprinkling a hint of "burnt grass" foliage foam (very fine)...

As I keep moving along, I think I will only ballast lightly between the rails, and use the dirt and cinders right up to and in between the ties....   I also, tinted my white glue mixture with india ink to try and darken the area further.  

Not sure if any of those ideas help.....   




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Mark Boyce posted:

The Carbondale Depot looks great, Ron!  Many years of great service to the railroad!!

Mark, thanks. Here are some shots with the depot cleaned up a bit and sprayed with clear flat. Also, the beginning mounting and landscaping of the next door old Harvey House Café.

Ron H

station clean up 1station clena up 2harvey house setting


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Ron the depot and scene looks awesome, I’d like to do something similar on my model rr and this is inspiring.

I know your line is fictional and while not exactly the ATSF  the BNSF does run through the area not too far from C-Dale.

My old stompin grounds growing up as a teenager in the late 70’s was in Carbondale IL through Northwestern Kentucky, and I have to say there is some really nice vistas along that IC line, especially as it runs through the Shawnee National Forest and into Kentucky, some great day hikes for sure if you’re ever in the region.


c.sam posted:

Hey Ron,  really nice work here sir! I had not seen this thread before and am curious as to why you backed off from going ahead with the 2 rail and RC project?

Your track still looks terrific however...

Hi Sam, I'm still headed in that direction, but I still have a lot of ERR equipped locos and will be switching over to more RC as time goes on. For the time being I'm trying to bring the Carbondale to life.

All the best,


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