O Gauge railroad ties

Yes, that's the link.  BTW, when I click on it, the window that opens on my computer indicates that I purchased this item on Sept 11...not sure if that was the last one in stock at the time.  Great product.  Of course, there is always the "home made version", which is much less expensive.  I've got both.


Gee... Ive got thousands of 3rd rail and Moondog Express ties sitting in storage up in New Hampshire somewhere. Unfortunately I'm in Connecticut for a few more months.   Thinking with the interest I'll sell them on eBay someday when I am reunited with them.


Unfortunately it was a while ago and  I don't remember what Ipaid..  It wasn't a lot for 250.  Thinking high end- $60?

So about $1 per piece of track and about every 8th a freebe...  I think if you don't already have nice track, the GarGraves option might be a better choice for some folk to get a better bang for the buck. 

(thank you Micheal)

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I made my ties out of 1/4 inch bass wood from the hobby store 1/4 x 1/4 x 2 1/4 and then stained them in a dark walnut,here are some pics of the finished product.This illustrates what can be done with tubular track and 096 curves and Ross switches.




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