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Hotel rooms are available but beware there may be a last minute rush which may

consume the entire room block, so don't miss out.

Some people like to get onto the trading floor as soon as doors open. It's no

fun standing in line to register while others are streaming in the doors. You

can avoid the line by preregistering and picking up your badge on Friday, the

day before the trading floor is open. You can also walk up Friday and register

and pick up your badge.

There are 15 layouts on the current list of layouts that will be open for

visiting. The list is posted on the website:

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Alright, I'm finally getting around to getting my photos off of my phone and posting them here for all to view. A big thank you to the organizers of the event, those who brought stuff for sale, those who brought modular layouts to show, and those who opened up home or club layouts.

I'll post my photos & videos in a series of replies here chronologically how I experienced the events. To start I visited the Silicon Valley Lines HO Layout: IMG_6701IMG_6702IMG_6703IMG_6704IMG_6705IMG_6706IMG_6707IMG_6708IMG_6709IMG_6710IMG_6711IMG_6712IMG_6713IMG_6714IMG_6715IMG_6716IMG_6717IMG_6718IMG_6719IMG_6720IMG_6721IMG_6722IMG_6723IMG_6724IMG_6725IMG_6726IMG_6727


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