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Hello, I am Edwin from the Netherlands and I have been doing O scale for more than 20 years. I read your forum with great

pleasure almost every day. I am working on a layout in a U forum what I like is almost as real as possible to build hopping

you like those pictures.


Images (19)
  • box car
  • 0-6-0
  • diesel on bridge
  • rocks
  • Big Blow
  • yard
  • e9
  • yard
  • caboose
  • ba
  • e3
  • train31
  • trees4
  • rockie4
  • rocks122
  • rocks125
  • rocks124
  • rocks126
  • rocks127
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Hi Edwin, That rockface work is fabulous! I don't think I have ever seen better. And your trains look exactly right with the scenery. You have a realistic treasure there, so I am hoping you will be showing us more of it as time goes on.

It is very nice to have you aboard, all the way from the Netherlands, no less!


I contacted Edwin and heard back from him. Will work with him to prodivea full feature for the magazine. All I ask is he reserve a good number of "unpublished" photos for the magazine so the paying readers get something that is not seen elsewhere, at least until after the issue appears. That is something I request of all authors. Folks who pay for the magazine deserve, insofar as possible, to get "unique" images.

Yves posted:

Yes, fabulous pictures and great layout. 

Let us know when the article will be published. I normally do not buy 3 rails material, but will definitely do an exception for this 2 rails layout.


I am happy to run 2-rail layouts whenever I receive them (assuming they will be of interest to our readers). Ditto for O scale narrow gauge. I am NOT exclusively 3-rail minded, even though that is what I have myself. Come to think of it, I have a lot of On30, too, and am seriously thinking about getting some 2-rail scale and work with a local 2-rail club here from time to time.

Yeah, me too.  I subscribe now and then when I think there will be a 2-rail article of interest in subsequent issues.  I will have to try to buy the issue with Edwin's photos.

Note to Allan - I would buy such an issue even if all the photos had been seen here.  Nothing like a good hard-copy magazine to fondle.

Nice scenery, and quality models!  Get Allan to move this thread to all forums?

Edwin,  Very impressive modeling and photography.   As Frank M & Bob3 mentioned, might be the most realistic rock work I have ever seen.   Detail work and weathering in the yard area is also excellent.   Thanks for sharing the photos,  I will be using them for reference purposes as I continue to build my layout.    Please keep posting, your work is inspiring !   Chris A

Thanks everybody to do the rocks was for me very important on my layout after I done the yard but it is not finished yet still a lot of work but that is the fun.

I was in the states last year take a lot of photos and the color was very important so now the pictures of my layout will go to the magazine so everybody can see but don't worry

still a lot of more pictures I have and show you on this forum.


It's a long time so a few more pictures about my layout. I t was to hot so now I started again to move forward a lot to do to make it better.

The yard is far from finished I think to rebuild it more structures. The FEF locomotive from Overland Models I still working on the weathering.

and it runs not so perfect so there is work also.


Images (4)
  • fef 020
  • southern
  • trees1
  • fef022

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