Neal, nice!  Looking good.  The layout will be great.  Is that an AIU in the first pic?  I've never felt the need for one on either layout.  Love to hear how you like it.

You've seen my double-tracked, 8 X 10's, with the 1 1/2 inch clearance to the edge.  In five years, the only way anything fell was when I was talking instead of looking and one train caught up to the other on the same track.  Being O gauge, there are numerous derailments, especially in the first year.  Since then, all those little track issues have been resolved.  BTW, after falling six feet to a very hard tile floor, the only things that have ever broken were those cheap plastic trucks on the old Lionel stuff from the 80's.  Haven't had one in years, but, I was amazed the cars themselves always survive completely intact.

Your trains look great up there.  The CP holiday train is always cool to see.  Have you considered a backdrop to hide the brackets?

Keep them coming, it's fun to see the progress. 


Got the main safety wire up today - just got about 60' (will have PLENTY left over) of 1/16" galvanized wire off the spool at Home Depot.  Able to get adequate tension by hand & coarse enough to secure easily w/screws & washers. 


Don't want to forget the back side....


Now time to finish what will be the main line, & start adding some buildings, too!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, & a Happy New Year to all!

- Neal


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Wow, can't believe I uploaded this to YouTube & forgot to post here. 

CP Holiday Train - 1st run!

Can't remember how to embed the video in the post, but I got the link.  Christmas train is switched out now, should have video soon of what's currently running.    Thanks again for the help & interest with this project, & enjoy!

- Neal

Got the TIU & AIU wall mounted.  Got the LEGACY CAB-2 hooked in, too, though now the WIU seems to be having issues.  Will try to program in some 3rd Rail TMCC engines. 


Once all the command stuff is situated I'll finish fitting the front track and clean up some of the XS wiring.  Then I'll get some 1" & 2" foam board to shape for several of the corners & wire the buildings.  Still thinking about doing 3 sets of corner boards: spring/summer, fall, & winter. 

- Neal

So...there has been an unanticipated side effect to the layout.  Much to my enjoyment (and wife's dismay), people have started to bring in or talk about bringing in, old train-related stuff they no longer use or need.  My first gift arrived earlier this week - a photo print of a B&O 2-8-0 Consolidation. 


The client said it was taken in the 1920s, but not much else known, & nothing written on the back.  A quick search on seems to suggest it would be an E16 class, though there are only 2 photos of such an engine in the collection that I found, and they're both from the other side.  Still, a lot of the subtle details seem to match, & the time period of those photos is consistent w/this one. 

- Neal


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