We at the North Penn "O" Gaugers are having an open house February 22nd. The same day as the Allentown spring thaw train meet. We are 20 minutes from the train meet 

Address for our show                      304 schultz rd sellersville PA  18960. 

We have a section of the layout that has been completed redone our newly updated engine facilities the Roundhouse and turntable. The diesel facility has also had update since our last show.

We have to thank those that have contributed to the layout 

Henning's trains                      Train Pop's Attic                               TW Trainworx                Millhouse River Studio.    Brennan Model trains. East Coast  Enterprise.                 Proses models                          Tod archer models                  these companies have supplied equipment for this layout.

We hope that those that are in town for the train meet can get a chance to attend our show. We hope to see you then. 






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You must have a lead foot Harry.  I get 40 minutes from the fairgrounds to Sellersville also, but if you have never seen the NPOG layout, it’s worth the trip.  I have seen it before, but it’s on my way home so I will probably stop by in the afternoon.  Harry – Is this a fun run or are you guys just showing the layout?


Thanks for the invite, Harry.  Will try and make it after the meet.  

Dan Padova


"In the course of my life I have had to eat my words, and I must confess it was a wholesome diet"..........Winston Churchill


gunrunnerjohn posted:

Harry drives with reckless abandon!   I have a hard time imaging making it from Allentown Fairgrounds to his place in 20 minutes!


Well you know John, when our company moved, the boss told someone who commutes from Easton that it took less time for them than me. My coworker and I shook our heads because my ride was half as his, and if my ride increased to what his commute was, it would have to double. Maybe it depends on the mapping directions one is using on the web. I say that because the boss said he used one, we had used a different one. Interesting thing was, using both I got the same times on and not the boss's time. Maybe it was done on a low traffic day, lol.

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