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I was organizing my layout tool box today and look what I found! I got these as a gift for subscribing to Myron's " O Gauge Railroading... The 2 and 3 Rail Journal"...they've got to be at least 20+ years old and they are my favorite drivers for tiny stuff. I'm glad I found them again. Thought you guys would like a blast from the past. It sure made my day.

You Pennsylvania guys should remember the 610 area code barely legible on the red one. The white one had the same printing but I wore it off using it more often. More Phillips head screws on Lionel ?

I also have an old OGR original forum name badge holder in a pile of stuff somewhere. Anybody have any other older OGR ephemera they would like to share? 

UPDATE: I just found my old OGR name tag holder. I used to wear it to meets out here in Southern California. I never saw ANYONE wear one besides





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Hi John,

I don't recall the mini-screwdrivers but I've got the badge holder from the Myron Biggar/Barbara Saslo days, too. I used to use it at York until Eastern TCA came out with their $2 badge holders [now $3; still a bargain]. I find the strap around the neck was more convenient to me than the clip on the OGR badge holder, otherwise I'd still be using it.

Thanks for the memory.


I'd forgotten about the buttons, Pingman. I've got one of the red ones, too. And somewhere here at home there's one -- I think it's white -- that says "family" or "family member" on it that my wife, Kathie, used to wear at York.

Of course, I've still got, and still wear, my gray OGR polo shirt with my Forum name on it. That's also from the Biggar/Saslo days. I usually see a couple of other Forum old-timers wearing them at York meets.


I wanted to thank all for their great replies and likes.

Pingman, I never knew about the OGR pins.

Redball342, Chris R, I used to wear my badge holder on a lanyard too.

Putnam Division, the little screwdrivers are the best thing ever.

Ed Boyle, my red driver is showing signs of cracking. PLEASE consider a commemerative re- issue of these most useful tools. A new generation of train enthusiasts will thank OGR.

And my wonderful wife is totally correct...I never throw anything away!





Great thread....might consider putting this one as a featured topic since this is OGR's 50th!!  Myron presented me during our 50th celebration at the NJHR layout with a complete set of the OGR rolling stock which was produced years ago!!  If any of you have those, post some pictures.  I am saving my pics for an upcoming Publisher's Corner in the magazine....

Hi Alan et al.

Regarding the OGR rolling stock, I've got a tank car (though I'm not sure where among my piles of boxes it is at the moment--if you saw my basement and garage you'd understand ). I've also got a couple of MTH's boxcars commemorating OGR's bus trips from York to, among other sites, MTH's headquarters; Weaver's plant, including Bob Weaver's personal layout; and Tony Lash's layout at Consolidated Waste Inc. Those were GREAT trips; I'm glad my wife and I got to share visits to those places--especially since some of them are gone now--with other OGR fans.

Indeed this is a terrific thread, bringing back some fabulous memories of OGR times past.


We received our letter opener from Jim Barrett when wife and I went on a Weaver factory tour back in 2004.


That's funny!  Didn't notice the pine needles until I looked at the picture on my much larger computer screen.  Yes, I put the letter opener on the carpet near the Christmas tree as the LED lights on the tree provided even lighting when I took the picture with my iPad.  The sweeper has been run a few times while decorating the tree but it still sheds needles when you look at it.

Here are pictures of the two OGR Weaver factory cars in the accumulation.  We picked up the 2004 car at the factory during the tour.  Purchased the 2003 car at a train show sometime later.

Weaver 2003 Tour CarWeaver 2004 Tour Car


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This is really a great thread!

You folks have already found almost all the the items I have in my personal collection, including the OGR pin Greg's wife keeps in her jewelry box. However,  I am still digging through the "stash" to see if I can find more things. Looking for the Miller Engineering lighted sign now.

 These things bring back some great memories and as I look back, I am honored and humbled to be a part of our OGR family.

Gratefully yours,

Ed Boyle


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I agree this thread has become something quite remarkable. I think what comes through clearly  is that folks have great affection and memories for OGR. It holds a special place in our lives. The fact that we have saved all these little bits of history is quite notable in this day and age.

This online community has given me far more over the years than I have ever given. My little  OGR screwdriver set in a nice intangible way, connects me to that tradition and community.

Thank you,


Guys...this thread has been moved to a featured topic!!  There are items here that I have never seen!  Keep in mind that you can still get OGR "goodies" by going to our webstore.  We have over 600 items like hats, totes, shirts, windbreakers, coats,...etc.  No...we don't have the screwdrivers or letter openers but I am going to look into these since it appears many of you would like them.


Here are a couple of other shots of the OGR Beeps. We had over 230 of them made with two numbers before RMT told us that was the limit for the run.

By the way, we did a Collector's Gallery recently on the Beeps and the wide variety of roadnames that were produced.

Dave Siburn and I even modified one with TMCC!  Kind of nutty but what the heck...they are Beeps

Ed Boyle


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Those Beeps are nice little buggers Ed. Kind of nutty, nah. You know, we all have our little quirks in regular everyday life, but railroading is not a quirk of us. So nutty, nah. Maybe to a non-railroader. But to us, just something interesting for everyone to see.(maybe pop that as a story header, lol). What is it that non-railroaders say when they happen to be where a layout or display is running? Same thing we do, "wow".

How's that?

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