Looking for info on the former Reading Crusader  cars that CN used into the early VIA Rail era.  Pictures appear to have a black or dark blue window band.  Roofs appear to either be painted black or are maybe just blackened by grime.  Also, did CN repaint the trucks from the blue that Reading had on the trucks?   I am planning to paint a couple of cars to mix with my VIA Rail blue fleet consist.  There are a few pics online but all are not very clear.  I have a few Weaver 20" aluminum Reading Crusader cars I want to become CN cars.  

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+1 to what RT said.   Here's a pair of photos taken on Friday Aug 1, 1975 -- the beginning of a Bank Holiday weekend with CN running [ almost ] everything with wheels in the passenger department.   It was my observation, admittedly limited,  that by this time these cars were pretty much in the reserve fleet, and usually ran together as a 'set' or subset rather than comingled with 'conventional' cars;  I'm not sure why this was, perhaps their electrical voltage or diaphragms.   As you probably know 302 had some serious accident damage;  I don't know that it was ever repaired, even though all five were xferred to Via.   The four remaining cars are seen here at the rear leaving Toronto, together with a photo of one of the coaches, behind a GP40.  Earlier that day the three interior cars had come up to Toronto in the middle of a 14 ( ! ) car train hauled by this and a sister '40.  I can provide photos of the other cars if requested.  Canada015_edited-1Canada014

Note that the CN emblem on the sides is significant metal.

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SZ, great info.  I am having the CN logos made out of laser cut wood with about 1/16" thickness then painted silver.  Your pics show the roof was not painted!  Great info!  Other pics I've seen look like black paint, just built up grime from Alco exhaust I bet.


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