We are experiencing an unusual problem I am hoping you can assist with.
It appears as if the double-diamond shaped metal block between the tracks is powered with a jumper to one of the center rails on an adjacent track.
The problem we have is that the same metal block is also somehow making contact with the two outside rails , creating a short circuit.
I can't see any way that this can be happening, but am curious if you can think of a way for that positive center block can also be making contact with the outside rails. We were using a continuity tester to establish this problem/situation. We have a small short elsewhere and checking this crossover to find where the short is when we discovered this situation.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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May I suggest that you also look at the track spikes where the black rails and silver rails are in close proximity?  I spent considerable time trying to locate a short in a stretch of track and narrowed it to the crossover.  I think that over time one of the spikes in the crossover moved enough to cause a short between the rails.  I actually had to use a magnifying glass to see it.   Just a thought.

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