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Not sure if crowdstack supports post form templates (my time doing work on vb/xen forums we used aftermarket plugins that added support for them), but they would be a great feature to force threads to be posted in a rigid, uniform, clean, and concise manner on certain forum sections (the for sale forums come to mind, additionally the service forums/help forums where the OP sometimes needs the information ripped from them before an answer can be provided).

Rather than allowing freeform text that either can be very jumbled, or very organized on those specific forum sections, force it all to be extremely organized via the use of a form based post template, you plug in the info, hit post, and it generates the thread title and thread body.

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@Rich Melvin posted:

The software that runs this forum is not Open Source. It is run with code written by the good folks at Crowdstack. Consequently, there are no "plugins" available that could do this.

I will bring this to the attention of the Crowdstack folks, and we'll see what they have to say.

Thanks Rich! Hopefully some good news from crowdstack on that front.

Approaching from another front in case crowdstack won't do anything natively, I know ya'll are on the Crowdstack Pro platform, by chance are you on a tier w/ API access (If you are on the fullstack/enterprise tier)? That'd possibly be another way albeit more roundabout (Would have to look into what their API features are)

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Yes, we have API access here. We use it to communicate with our subscription management site to automatically add or remove the "Digital Subscriber" tag to forum accounts as new digital subs are purchased or old ones expire. However, writing the code that does that work is way beyond my job description!

There may be an option for this via another method. I'm following up on that approach.

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